The Rural Librarian and the Closet of Doom

April 30, 2020 00:26:23
The Rural Librarian and the Closet of Doom
Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
The Rural Librarian and the Closet of Doom

Show Notes

This week's bonus episode is all about the Librarian of Awesome, Cara Sawyer, who talks about the beauties and problems of being a small town librarian with a $36,000 budget (including her salary) in the time of Covid-19.

Cara's doing a lot of programming from her house. Check it out here.

To find out how Cara manages and learn about the Closet of Doom, listen to the podcast here!


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This week’s episode link. 

Last week’s episode link 

Link to Sam Spellacy’s interview.

A bonus interview with Dr. J.L. Delozier, Pennsylvania doctor and writer. 

bonus interview with poet and coach Fiona Mackintosh Cameron. 

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Heidegger said that “being” is always in relation to something else. Human life is “da sein,” which is often translated into “being in the world.” I like that – being in the world. How we experience our nows is part of what is necessary to live fully and presently as possible. Experience is part of being. (Gendlin, 1996). But the thing is that so many of us forget to experience our existence, our being, our space in this world. Why should we do this? It helps center us. Focusing on our experience helps make us remember who we are in the moment and it makes us feel better. WHERE IS THE SPACE THAT OUR POWER IS AT? IT’S IN THAT FOCUS, THAT ATTENTION TO EXPERIENCE. A pretty mellow exercise to do this is as follows: Pay attention to your body. How does it feel? Are your feet on the floor? Does it feel right to be touching the ground? Move on to your legs. How are you standing, walking, sitting in this world? You have a back. It’s supporting you. How is it doing that? Your arms, your hands, your fingers. Your fingers are pretty magical. They are sense magicians, bringing information from the outside into your brain. How cool is that? How does the light or darkness feel against your skin? Do you smell things? Is there wind? Now think about you in this space and say, “I am.” You are. I am. Did you see anything? Feel anything? Release anything? Now say, “I am here.” You ...



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So, this woman, Aileen Weintraub on the Huffington Post, has an article that’s headline is, “I’m a Grown Woman and I Still Sleep with a Stuffed Animal.” “George is my deep, dark secret, and I’m sharing our story now in the time of COVID-19 because many of us are quietly struggling.”Aileen Weintraub And the article is sweet and lovely, and poor Aileen had COVID-19 and was terribly sick and was even more stressed because George, her stuffed dog has been with her for thirty years and she didn’t know if her stuffed animal would be able to go with her if she had to come to the hospital. And she was ashamed because stuffed animals are allegedly “transitional objects.” She wrote, “I love my family, but this little hound doesn’t take up much room and he doesn’t shift the sheets. I don’t have to explain myself to him. He doesn’t ask questions and he’s always there, a personal touchstone I can depend on. George doesn’t judge. He never complains and I never have to cook for him. He never rummages through the fridge and tells me there is no food in the house. He doesn’t leave towels on the floor. He doesn’t bark while I’m on a conference call. George gets me. “When I was quarantined for 16 days as the coronavirus ravaged my body, no one in my family could touch me. I communicated with them via text or through a closed door. But George was there. He is so quiet that it would ...