The Rural Librarian and the Closet of Doom

April 30, 2020 00:26:23
The Rural Librarian and the Closet of Doom
Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
The Rural Librarian and the Closet of Doom

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Carrie Jones Shaun Farrar

Show Notes

This week's bonus episode is all about the Librarian of Awesome, Cara Sawyer, who talks about the beauties and problems of being a small town librarian with a $36,000 budget (including her salary) in the time of Covid-19.

Cara's doing a lot of programming from her house. Check it out here.

To find out how Cara manages and learn about the Closet of Doom, listen to the podcast here!


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This week’s episode link. 

Last week’s episode link 

Link to Sam Spellacy’s interview.

A bonus interview with Dr. J.L. Delozier, Pennsylvania doctor and writer. 

bonus interview with poet and coach Fiona Mackintosh Cameron. 

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May 26, 2020 00:24:45
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Broken Brains and Where Shouldn’t You Start Your Story

A lot of writing coaches talk about story structure and plots and inciting incidents, which is all well and good but Carrie is burnt-out this week.  Carrie: I have worked too hard and my brain is broken.  So, instead we are going to tell you what NOT to do. We are going to be the story police and harsh out the rules.  Carrie: I don’t like rules or broken brains, but let’s do this.  What Not To Do According To Conventional Wisdom Right Now Do not start with dialogue. This used to be super popular, but MySpace also used to be super popular. Things go out of style and it is not super popular anymore.  Here’s an example:               “I like elephants.”                        “Awesome. Me too.”                        “No way?”                        “Actually, I am lying.” EXAMPLE OF AWESOME You’ve no clue who is talking, where they are or why they do or don’t like elephants and you probably don’t care. We want readers to care from the very beginning of the story. An alarm clock buzzing.  Who even has an alarm clock anymore, actually? But no alarm clocks or cell phone alarms or whatever. Waking up is dull.              My alarm buzzed and I groaned.                         “Another day, another dollar,” I said to my cat, Muffin.                         Muffin hit me in the nose with her paw. She’s tired of my clichés. Another Example of Awesome The whole IT WAS ...



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Pot Food at the Wedding and Positive Motivation Theory

Last week on WRITE BETTER NOW, we talked about fear for our characters as we write, and not all of you are writers, but I bet a lot of you are characters. Sorry! We couldn’t help teasing you there. Anyway, FEAR is great when it comes to writing novels and short stories and getting our characters to do things proactively on the page. But in real life? Eh . . . It can be a problem. A lot of us use fear to motivate us to do things. Sometimes we do this consciously. Sometimes we do this subconsciously. But it’s basically the act of doing things because we don’t want an outcome that we’re afraid of. Like what? We go to work because we’re afraid of losing our house to bankruptcy. We go on a diet because we’re afraid of people’s scorn if we’re at our maximum density. We are kind to our spouse when they are being a putz because we’re afraid of being alone. And all those things? They are stressful. It stresses you out if you’re always doing things because you’re afraid. And it also stresses you out if you’re always not doing things because you’re afraid. Fear may keep you employed, fit, and in a relationship (albeit a potentially toxic one), but it’s not super helpful if you’re trying to not be anxious and stressed. So, how do you motivate yourself instead? One cool way is protection motivation theory. What’s that? According to, “The theory therefore says that in order for an individual to adopt a health behavior, they need to believe that there is a severe threat that is likely to occur and that by adopting a health behavior, they ...



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Money Is Not the Enemy and the Habits of the Rich

So apparently millionaires have habits that us non-millionaire people don’t have.  These habits don’t include taking a bath in $100 bills even though that would be cool. The habits aren’t quite that sexy.  So before we get started, we just wanted to remind you that prosperity doesn’t equal merit. The richest people sure as hell aren’t the best people, the kindest people, or the most ethical people. They are the richest. That’s it. Some of them are nice. Some are douchebags. Some are in between. But prosperity is super intriguing right now because a lot of us are a bit struggling to figure out how to survive and if that’s you, we get it. But we want you to do more than struggle, we want you to feel secure.  In Lifehack, Dr. Carol Morgan has an article entitled “8 Ways of Thinking To Make You Become Rich.”  Her ideas are mostly about belief mindsets.  I AM A ROCK STAR So some of these ideas are pretty chill. Like “believe you are worthy.” Presidents are very good at this – presidents from both parties, actually and all the candidates.  The rest of us humans and especially writers? Not so much.  Don’t think about how you suck or how you aren’t a YouTube star or J.K. Rowling or whatever. You need to believe in yourself and that you have something to offer this damn world. What you offer is what will make you wealthier.  Writers have ...