Queen of Misfit Toys and the Parenthetical Hipster

July 23, 2020 00:29:50
Queen of Misfit Toys and the Parenthetical Hipster
Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Queen of Misfit Toys and the Parenthetical Hipster

Show Notes

Hey! Welcome to a bonus interview episode of Dogs are Smarter Than People, the usually quirky podcast that gives writing tips and life tips. With us today is Lindsay Schultz

Any time I’m driving through or near Tennessee, Lindsay always offers to show me around Nashville and I just have to tell you that some day I am going to take you up on that. What’s it like in Nashville now during a pandemic? 

Lindsay tells us that and why on her Facebook profile she has the word hipster in a parenthetical. She also claims to be the queen on the island of misfit toys.

Check out our interview to find out why.


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