How Not to Write Your Novel

August 13, 2019 00:25:44
How Not to Write Your Novel
Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
How Not to Write Your Novel

Show Notes


It's a lot like life honestly.


Here's the number one hint.


Wait forever to start writing.


Don't wait to start. Don't expect lightening to strike or a muse to come down from the heavens.


Just write. Call it practice if 'writing a novel' seems too big a task. Trick your mind into being chill about it. If you want to do something, you have to do it. Don't wait for permission. Just do it.


As long as it's legal and doesn't hurt other people. Obviously that sentence up there about not waiting for permission doesn't apply to all things.


But it does freaking apply to art and writing and joy and fun.


Again, as long as your fun doesn't hurt other creatures.


Back to the point. We wait all our lives for inspiration, for a prince or warrior-queen to come sweep us off our feet, for the muse to bless us with the perfect novel or poem or family or painting or child. But we have to put in the work. We have to be brave and actively go after what it is we want.


We might write a ton of sucky sentences. We might forget how to use a comma. We might fail and get rejected a million times.


That's what makes the quest good though. That's what makes the goal worth it.


So if you want to write a novel? Write it. Just get started.


If you don't want to write a novel? Don't.


Study craft. Push yourself. Think about who your story is about and how they relate to the world. Just write down the words you hear in your brain, the visions you see. Start it.


You've got this.


Writing Tip of the Pod:


Everything up there, man.


Dog Tip for Life


Dude. Hang out in the truck.




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In the Woods




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