Holly Schindler! Lit Junkie and the Rhythm to A Story

June 25, 2020 00:20:35
Holly Schindler! Lit Junkie and the Rhythm to A Story
Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Holly Schindler! Lit Junkie and the Rhythm to A Story

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Carrie Jones Shaun Farrar

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Hey! Welcome to a bonus interview episode of Dogs are Smarter Than People, the usually quirky podcast that gives writing tips and life tips. I’m Carrie Jones and with me today is 


Holly Schindler. Holly’s an award-winning, cross-genre author, dog lover, coffee addict and I’m pretty sure she has a ph’d. She likes to write under Missouri shade trees.

Holly's been writing since she was a little girl, right? We talk about the rhythm to a story, beats, plot points and all sorts of sexy stuff. And we also talk about the magic of moms who make writers out of us.

Holly's blog has a ton of resources and links and projects. Helping potential writers is so important to her. Check out her advice! Holly's website!



And Holly's awesome adult books in a nice group.


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A lot of writers and artists spend a lot of time doubting and feeling unhappy. Why? That’s the question. Part of it is that we’re creative people. Creative people tend to feel big feelings. We live in feelings and interpretations and expression. That can be hard on a heart. IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF WHEN THE INDUSTRY MAKES IT SO HARD FOR YOU NOT TO BELIEVE. Writing is hard on hearts. Rejections come fast and easily and the whole field is so subjective. Outside validation can be hard to come by. WE EXPECT TO BE PERFECT We are not perfect. We apologize when we are normal. We apologize for being human. We apologize for who we are as if who we are is supposed to beyond human. We see our books, our arts, our blogs as perfect, idealized, finished products and that level of perfection is hard to get to in real life. So…. WE TEAR OURSELVES DOWN For some of us, we’re so used to other people tearing us down for being weird, daydreaming, quirky, different that we try to do it before they do – that way it doesn’t seem to hurt that much? But it’s not good for us to do that.   So how do we get happy? CREATE Keep working and creating. There is power in persistence, in not giving up. There is happiness in losing yourself to the process. LET FORGIVENESS HAPPEN You can call it grace if you prefer, but allow yourself to be human. Don’t be so harsh on yourself when you fail or make a mistake. Embrace that failure because it allows you to know you are human. Not God. REALIZE THAT YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GOOD ENOUGH When people ...



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No One Wants to Admit

Hi! This year (2022), I've decided to share a poem on my blog and podcast and read it aloud. It's all a part of my quest to be brave and apparently the things that I'm scared about still include: My spoken voiceMy raw poems. Thanks for being here with me and cheering me on and I hope that you can become braver this year, too! No one wants to admit that the moment they are home alone, They start singing show tunes or childhood hits, Pretending the crowds are adoring as they slide in socks across a hard wood floor That isn’t actually a stage and there is no TikTok video being made. Only we, random humans with our ridiculous bodies, All gangling and bulbous, opposable thumbs a highlight Want to be famous in secret—so many dreams sung off-key Into the space of the kitchen, the only audience the dogs Since the cats wisely look away. Hey, thanks for listening to Carrie Does Poems. These podcasts and more writing tips are at Carrie’s website, carriejonesbooks.blog. There’s also a donation button there. Even a dollar inspires a happy dance in Carrie, so thank you for your support. The music you hear is made available through the creative commons and it’s a bit of a shortened track from the fantastic Eric Van der Westen and the track is called "A Feather" and off the album The Crown Lobster Trilogy. While Carrie only posts poems weekly here, she has them (in written form) almost every weekday over on Medium. You should check it out! https://freemusicarchive.org/music/eric-van-der-westen/the-crown-lobster-trilogy-selection ...



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How do you make meaning in your life? That’s a big questions we’ve been struggling with here. Success is defined for us: It’s having a kid who graduates high school. It’s having your own home, your own car. It’s looking like a Kardasian. It’s being strong like the Rock. But when you were a little kid was that what you thought? Let’s say you’re two. Success is going on the potty, honestly, and not the floor. Success is not wearing a diaper. Success and happiness came from immediate things. It was a piggyback ride on your sister’s shoulders. It was twirling around in circles until you fell down dizzy. It was an ice cream cone that made it into your mouth and not the sidewalk. It wasn’t a million-dollar book contract or celebrity endorsements. Or a McMansion. It wasn’t 8,000 likes on your TikTok video. It was what made you happy inside. You. Not anyone else. And somehow along the way, a lot of us have forgotten what makes us happy. Us. Not society. Not Twitter. Not TikTok. Or YouTube or politicians or gurus who charge $390 for a class. Us. When we’re little, we often don’t get to see people from all different demographics exploring, explaining, existing. We live in pretty big bubbles sometimes. But witnessing diversity in thought and life and experience especially from a young age allow us to grow and not fall into the traps of strict notions of “what it means to be successful.” We could give a crap about what John Patrick Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg or our senators or presidents define as ‘successful.’ And when we chase other people’s definitions? That’s when we ...