Banff, Beer, Balls, and Going to the Dark Side, Baby

February 02, 2020 00:19:36
Banff, Beer, Balls, and Going to the Dark Side, Baby
Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Banff, Beer, Balls, and Going to the Dark Side, Baby

Show Notes

We have a bonus podcast this week and it has swears in it and some adult content, so we're going to give it an explicit rating even though it's not super explicit. We're just chill like that.

The bonus podcast features:

  1. Shaun lying
  2. Banff Film Festival!
  3. Carrie talking about third grader writers. Note: They have their characters rip their own hearts out in stories.
  4. The fact that the word 'fart' is a terribly ugly word and Carrie never quote-unquote 'rips one.'
  5. Bud-Lite

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July 09, 2019 00:24:47
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Being Extra

So, sometimes Carrie is a little extra. Carrie: I was looking at people who liked me in college - all the ones that I didn't like back - and they were all so stable and mellow even in college when it was all about putting dissected sharks on the floor and jello shots. Now they are all grown up and they are stable and mellow and have these beautiful upscale lives. They're doctors, lawyers, engineers. Shaun: But you have me. Carrie: Exactly! And I love you. I love that you are unexpected and funny and occasionally dangerous. What does this have to do with writing? Carrie has a new book coming out. It's called IN THE WOODS. She's being a little extra about it. She is a little extra about everything. What exactly is extra? Performingfartist says, "Doing the absolute damn most. For no reason." Writing is supposed to be extra. It's supposed to be big and important even for the quiet books, even for the books nobody notices. It's all about pouring your heart into it. It's all about this damn quote right here: Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now. Audre Lorde Also, we should add that "extra" like a lot of great words and terms originated in AAVE. ...



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Dogs Are Smarter Than People the Podcast, "DON'T BE THIS WRITER!"

There is an Old Bustle Article about the “13 Most Annoying WRiters You’Ll EVer Meet.” THe link is here.  If you go read it, come back. And we were thinking about pretentiousness because of our random thought in the car all about NPR voices, etc.  And there were a lot of brilliant annoying writer types on there like the: “The Writer Who Loves to Bemoan the Difficulty of His Craft” and “The “Writer” Who Doesn’t Write” and “The Writer Who Name-Drops Like It’s Going Out of Style.” But they didn’t really list the pretentious writer exactly, but they did list “The “Esoteric” Writer Who Only Reads Things in German.” I beg you all. Don’t intentionally try to be pretentious. That doesn’t mean that big words are bad. It doesn’t mean that deep thought is bad. It’s the opposite really. Own your thoughts and let them be relatable to intellectuals and non-intellectuals. The ability to create a story that resonates is more than making yourself sound like you teach at Harvard. It’s about authenticity and truth. To write truth, you have to live truth. Writing Tip of the Pod: Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t. Don’t surround yourself with people who are just like you. Dog Tip of the Cast: Dude… Live your life without trying to impress others. Be you. Shout-Out – The music from this podcast is off the Yorkshire Electric EP by Hope and Social, “People Change,” and Ryan Andersen’s”Crashing,” is made possible thanks to the Creative Commons. Writing News Next and Last Time Stoppers Book It’s almost out! You can pre-ordermy middle grade fantasy novel Time Stoppers Escape From the Badlands ...



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Ride Hard. Seven Tips for Aspiring Writers

Tips for Aspiring Writers? Everyone gives them. But these are the essentials that were inspired by a hot-wings induced stupor. Shaun doesn't believe you can get drunk off hot sauce, but I'm here to tell you that I (Carrie) can. Seven Tips for Aspiring Writers Write your ideas down anywhere and everywhere. Don’t think that you’ll remember the amazing ideas you got while in a half-drunken stupor from too many Buffalo wings. Have a notebook or notes file on your phone. Write that stuff down. Ride hard for books. Not just your own books but other people’s too. Wait. That’s not good enough. Ride hard for words. Fall in love with them. Remember all stories have a beginning, a middle and an end where people (or hamsters or whatever) ride hard for something and there are obstacles blocking their way to get that something. Remember all stories have characters who have external wants (a good hot wing) and internal desire (to be admired for devouring that damn hot wing without doing a Will Ferrell and crying). Study people. Write people. Not card-board cut-outs. Don’t make your story an Instagram filter. Show people the quirks, the dirt, the torn hems on your skirt. Write. You aspire to write? Do it, my friend. Don’t just aspire. Do.  Writing Tip of the Pod:  If you want to write books, study people, study books, and experience as much as you can experience so you can use everything you do, see, and feel to communicate that to others.  Dog Tip for Life: ` ...