Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation

Are You Brave Enough To Battle 15,000 Bees or Just Write a Book?

Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Are You Brave Enough To Battle 15,000 Bees or Just Write a Book?

Writing is a way of understanding stuff, not just yourself or the story in your book, but the way you look at the world.

And that takes being brave.

We are all brave and fearful in big and small ways in our own lives every damn day.

For me, Carrie just putting my voice out here on the podcast is terrifying because I had a teacher who made me stay in from recess once to tell me that I needed to fix my sloshy s’s because nobody would ever love a girl who sounded like me, no employer would hire me and no college would take me.

“Nobody will listen to a girl that sounds like you. Nobody will take you seriously. Nobody will ever marry you.”

So, doing a podcast might be super easy for some people? For me? Not so much because my brain hits back to those negative mental scripts of the past.

For Shaun…?

Here’s the thing. Life isn’t always awesome. And when it’s crappy, we have to keep writing and being brave. Sometimes it’s hard to focus. Sometimes it’s hard to believe there is a point. You think, “how is my story about a manatee and a sasquatch falling in love relevant?”

We get scared.

So, you have to say to hell with fear, to hell with doubt. Damn it, everyone wants a love story with a manatee and a sasquatch.

Ridicule is a big fear for writers and for humans. We’re afraid of being persecuted, trolled, laughed at, of having someone say we and our life and our story is worthless.

Nobody will ever listen to … nobody will ever read … nobody will ever care…

That fear? It’s super real.

So we have to kick it’s ass and/or live with it and write and live anyway. We have to be brave.

We have to remember to be brave enough to believe in positive things about our selves and our lives and our worth.

Sometimes it can help to remember:


Reach out to other writers or humans. Encourage each other. Share your worries and stories. Lift each other up.


Do whatever you have to do to ignore the rest of the world during your writer time. Turn off notifications and your phone. Put on headphones. Shut the door. Do the work alone. The world can wait for those 2,000 words to get out.


Seriously, look at you, living another day, surviving, thinking, doing. You kick ass. You have value. Your story has value. When you are compelled to write something, that is for a reason. Nobody gets to tell you that your work doesn’t matter. If you make it? It matters.

Don’t Give Up

Traditional publishing doesn’t take your story? So what. Don’t throw it away. Revise it. Think about independent publishing. Think about turning it into a podcast. Serialize it. The whole point of a story is to communicate it to readers. Go out there whatever way you can.


When you’re down, find out how to bring yourself back up. Walking outside? Motivational talks? Action steps? A Netflix binge? Clubbing? Do what you need to do to keep yourself brave, sane, and whole.


Seriously. Look at you living on this earth, thinking big things, writing a whole book. You are shiny. You are creating words on a page. And even if you aren’t doing that exactly, you are doing good and being brave all the time in big ways and small. Let yourself remember how amazing you are.


Be brave. Take your power. Write your story. Get it out there. Don’t let anyone hold you back.


Be the master blaster. You’ve got to put yourself out there. Don’t let the humans tell you that you’re no good.


Hey! We’re all about inspiring each other to be weird, to be ourselves and to be brave and we’re starting to collect stories about each other’s bravery. Those brave moments can be HUGE or small, but we want you to share them with us so we can share them with the world. You can be anonymous if you aren’t brave enough to use your name. It’s totally chill.

Want to be part of the team? Send us a quick (or long) email and we’ll read it here and on our YouTube channel.


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