Loving the Strange

--- Carrie Jones and Shaun Farrar ---

This funny, honest and helpful podcast is all about embracing the weirdness inside and outside of you to have the best life possible.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Getting Naked When You Poop and Other Strange Habits

    Yep. We went there. This week’s LIVE episode of LOVING THE STRANGE, we talked about pooping naked, having to take your shoes off when you pee, checking doors incessantly, and needing only even numbers in your life. We hope you’ll check it out. All our information about habits that we cite in the ...


  2. Why Do People Love Hot Chicken Wings and Will Carrie Survive the Hiccups

    This week on LOVING THE STRANGE, we stayed away from the paranormal and delved into (a tiny bit) why people love hot sauce and hot chicken wings. Carrie hiccuped her way through the vegan version of wings, which were sort of peach-puree nuggets while Shaun went full-on carnivore, gnawing on the ...


  3. Maine is a UFO Hot Spot and Alien Abductions in the Allagash

    We talk about alien abductions, how Maine is a sexy UFO hotspot and how Carrie’s old boss thought for sure she was abducted. Check it out! LET’S HANG ...


  4. Spontaneous Combustion and Poop Styles

    This week on our live podcast, LOVING THE STRANGE, we talked about human spontaneous combustion and poop styles. We hope you’ll check it out. And get your strange on, my friends. The video version is here, too. ...


  5. Loving Big Foot

    It’s episode five of LOVING THE STRANGE recorded very alive on Friday nights. This week we talked about: Big Foot and the people who love him Why the love him Our curtains. It’s pretty fun! It’s just a half hour! We hope you’ll check us out. THE LINKS WE REFERENCE IN THE SHOW ARE: https://alumni.berkeley.edu/california-magazine/just-in/2018-10-26/so-why-do-people-believe-bigfoot-anyway ...