Loving the Strange

--- Carrie Jones and Shaun Farrar ---

This funny, honest and helpful podcast is all about embracing the weirdness inside and outside of you to have the best life possible.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. You Want Some Strange Things to Think About

    On this week’s podcast it’s like we’re channeling our inner toker and talking about all the strange things to think about when you think about strange things. ...


  2. What is Bigfoot? Bigfoot theories - sexy humanoid, demon, alien pet?

    This week on the podcast, we discuss the theories of Bigfoot Is Bigfoot real or not? That’s the first question. A Smithsonian Magazine article says, “1958 footprints transformed the myth into a media sensation. The tracks were planted near Bluff Creek in Northern California by a man named Ray Wallace—but his prank was ...


  3. Loving the Strange - Let's Tell Some Ghost Stories

    Ghosts are . . . well, they seem to be everywhere and nowhere all at once, and that’s a little strange, right? Come hang out with us as we talk about ghosties! ...


  4. The weird things parents do

    BE BRAVE FRIDAY – Blind Faith: Lessons from a Scruffy Ball of Fur ...


  5. Living in the Matrix - When Dreams Come True - Psychic or Lucky?

    Welcome to Loving The Strange. Psychic dreams. Dreams that foretell the future. Sleep disorder or something more? Some people think of it as a glitch in the matrix. As Dr. David Ryback wrote in 1986, “Future Memory as Holographic Process: A Scientific Model For Psychic Dreams,” “Psychic phenomena are only ...