Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation

--- Carrie Jones and Shaun Farrar ---

Join an internationally bestselling children's book author and her down-home husband and their dogs as they try to live a happy, better life by being happier, better people . You can use those skills in writing and vice versa. But we’re not perfect, just like our podcast. We’re cool with that.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Having a Manly Christmas, Martial Law and Characterization

    CHARACTER VS CHARACTERIZATION Robert McPhee has a bit in his book, STORY, where he talks about character and characterization and one of my favorite aspects of that discussion is just this simple quote, which will hopefully be of some use to you: TRUE CHARACTER is revealed in the choices a human being ...


  2. Don't Be So Wordy, Punk, plus Stabbings and Vampires

    A lot of us humans and writers spend a lot of time trying to impress people by being extra wordy. And it seems like we’re all trying to avoid the word “because.” This is extremely cruel to the word “because,” which probably gets hurt feelings, but it’s also super cruel to your ...


  3. How To Become a Successful Writer The Key Writing Advice to Keep In Your Brain

    If you are the kind of writer who wants clicks and readers, this is the podcast for you. Yes! A helpful podcast from us weirdos. I know, right? Here’s the first one. Get Rid of The Crap Seriously. Get ...


  4. It Doesn’t Matter If The Rock Retweets You

    Okay, you all. We know this is harsh, but it’s truth time.  Life isn’t about random interactions. Success isn’t about it either. When Carrie became Andrew Yang’s Twitter friend, it made her super happy, but it didn’t actually do anything for ...


  5. How To Invest In The Most Important Thing In Your Writing Career

    Here’s the spoiler: The Most Important Thing You Have In Your Writing Career Is You We know! We know! You were probably hoping for a cool app, or the perfect book about plot beats, but nope. It’s ...