Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation

--- Carrie Jones and Shaun Farrar ---

Join an internationally bestselling children's book author and her down-home husband and their dogs as they try to live a happy, better life by being happier, better people . You can use those skills in writing and vice versa. But we’re not perfect, just like our podcast. We’re cool with that.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Writing Pet Peeves

    Carrie's number one writing pet peeve is when authors write, I thought to myself. Seriously. You are always thinking to yourself, sweet writer, unless you're telepathically communicating to a zombie hamster and then all bets are off. ...


  2. ARE YOU TENSE? Getting the Tension Out of Your Life and Into Your Story

    This is a continuation of this week's blogs about adding tension and suspense in your writing. It's a bit short today. Sorry. Or maybe that's a good thing....Here goes:Is My Voice a Little Tense?  Tension in writing can also come from your ...


  3. Stop Giving The F-Word and Just Succeed

    The other night Shaun and I imbibed some alcohol and I declared that to not have a who-gives-a-swear-word attitude is to be compliant. This made Shaun really happy. I said it because I was talking about authors and politics and being afraid ...


  4. Mayo Vs Miracle Whip, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Chill

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died last week and our timelines lit up with people mourning her death and some people exulting in it.   Politics are often polarizing, but grief is often communal with people experiencing different amounts and aspects of it, but shared grief can be ...


  5. Dear Bully, You Are Ruining Things Because We Are Awesome And You Are Not

    So about nine years ago, DEAR BULLY, the anthology of authors telling their stories of being bullied, or standing by, or being bullies was released. Carrie was the co-editor for this anthology. And I am so proud of all the authors in there.  ...