Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation

--- Carrie Jones and Shaun Farrar ---

Join an internationally bestselling children's book author and her down-home husband and their dogs as they try to live a happy, better life by being happier, better people . You can use those skills in writing and vice versa. But we’re not perfect, just like our podcast. We’re cool with that.
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    We like to think that our lives have a point and that they matter. I think they do, but we’re not here to get all esoteric on you. We’re here to help you be better writers and humans and one of the biggest things we need to tell ...


  2. Don't Vomit in the Taxi and How to Tell a Good Story in Three Quick Steps

    This week Carrie was in Georgia hanging out with her daughter who had just had an operation. Her daughter is fine! Anyways, on the way to the airport at 4 a.m., the taxi driver told her story after story, mostly about the drunk people from Fort Benning who ...


  3. How to Be A HAPPY writer, Big Foot, Statues that Pee

    This week’s podcast is about something really important. It’s about remembering to have fun. For a lot of us, life has a ton of stressors and responsibilities. We have to make enough money to survive. We have to take care of our family and ourselves. We have to ...


  4. Dealing With Distractions and Trolls and Panting Dogs

    How do you write (or live) when you’re surrounded by distractions? Recently, a great teacher was talking to me about me being his writing coach, but he was hesitant to start right now because of his new class load.  I’m a seize the moment kind ...


  5. Attacking Seagulls, Mr. Taco and New Year Means a New You? Maybe. If you're feeling it.

    New Year? New You?   This week on the podcast we talk about:Mr. Taco, Attacking Seagulls, Doing the Raccoons, and Goals. Also, Shaun sings.   So it’s the New Year and as we all know it’s all about goals and looking back and ...