Loving the Strange

--- Carrie Jones and Shaun Farrar ---

This funny, honest and helpful podcast is all about embracing the weirdness inside and outside of you to have the best life possible.
Brought to you by Carrie Jones and Shaun Farrar of Loving the Strange

Latest Episodes…

  1. Controlling Your Dreams

    It’s episode four of LOVING THE STRANGE recorded very alive on Friday nights. This week we talked about: Lucid Dreams and creativity Dreaming of Serial Killers Sleep Paralysis How Shaun used to Fall Asleep on Telephone Poles How to Tell Reality from Fantasy. It’s pretty fun! It’s just a half hour! We hope you’ll check us out. THE ...


  2. Ghosties, Ghoulies, and Things That Go Bump in the Night

    On this week’s LOVING THE STRANGE, we talk about: Shaun’s criminal past as a Florida manA ghost in Bar HarborHow you should check your facts before printing your ghost storyHow you can use ghosts to your advantage to scare the childrenHow jump scares keep you alive. A haunted Elsa doll. ...


  3. Loving the Strange - Let's talk about ghosts

    It’s our second podcast and you can hear how: Shaun has a haunted doll friend.A ghost felt Carrie’s thigh. The seance where the pencil caught on fire. Carrie’s grandmother’s ghost. And Shaun swear and be slightly naughty because he’s Shaun. How Maine is the most haunted state and Mainers ...


  4. Is Loving the Strange in your bones?

    So, for our first podcast we thought we’d talk about the places you feel call to you. It’s like a land or region or building dejavu, but sometimes? It’s even bigger than that. Tune in to hear about Shaun wanting the bayou and how Carrie walked through Versailles. This podcast ...